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Use Your Differential Lock In Right Way

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A differential lock (diff lock) can offer your 4x4 a boost when it is caught in a tricky off road situation. It's necessary to know how and when to use your differential lock to easily cross difficult terrain and get the most benefit from your differential lock. 

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What is Diff Lock?

The four wheels on your 4X4 need to run at different speeds and angles to efficiently turn fast corners. Both the front and rear axles have the differential. This differential will direct power to the wheel that is easiest to rotate – providing necessary power to each wheel in different driving situation. A differential lock secures this differential in place, making all the wheels move as one at the same speed. This pushes equal power to all wheels, which is necessary when handling difficult terrain.

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When should you use diff-locks?

There are many off-road situations where you will need to engage the differential lock. There are no hard or specific rules to follow for using your differential lock, but here are some guidelines for you to follow: 

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Use locks when

• You are driving on a bumpy or slippery road, or one wheel hangs up in the air or sinks into a slippery road.

• Descending a rutted hill where one wheel is likely to be in the air or lose traction.

• Anytime you are moving in low range first or second gear.

• Anytime you are likely to lose traction on one or more wheels but you don’t have to turn tightly, as long as there is still good traction on the other wheels.


Don’t use lockers when

• When you need to turn tightly, for example on a sharp switchback. Using the locks will increase the degree of  turn  and can damage your vehicle.

• When the four wheels carry equal weight and are on firm ground with normal friction.

• On side slopes, as the vehicle will crab sideways due to the differential not allowing wheel slip across an axle.

• When the vehicle is going at high speeds. Using the differential lock may cause damage to your vehicle.