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Why is The Portal Axle Necessary For Off-road Vehicles?

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The portal axle is a component for off-road vehicles that allows greater ground clearance between the vehicle's landing gear and any obstacles that the vehicle must pass through.

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Hold part or all of the weight

In many cases, the portal axle connects the two wheels together, and it is usually responsible for carrying part or all of the weight of the vehicle. Most portal axles are aligned with the center of the wheel, but the portal axle is raised higher than the center of the wheel, allowing for better ground clearance. The hubs at both ends of the portal axle will contain gears that help drive the wheels.

Change the center of gravity

The gears at both ends of the portal axle also reduce the torque on the hub and portal axle assembly, which means that the housing can be smaller and thinner. This means that the entire portal axle assembly can be lighter, which helps to improve the center of gravity of the vehicle. However, the problem with installing gears in these locations is that they may overheat after prolonged use, and overheating may cause internal components to fail. This is an important consideration because portal axles are commonly used in military vehicles or other vehicles that operate in harsh terrain or harsh conditions.

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Short the distance between the vehicles body and the ground

Sometimes buses and other vehicles are also equipped with portal axles, albeit in a significantly different configuration. For off-road vehicles, the portal axle is located above the center of the wheel; on a bus, the portal axle will be located below the center of the wheel, effectively lowering the vehicle body to the ground. This is usually done to make it easier for passengers to enter the bus entrance; a lower entrance is easier for people who cannot climb the stairs well or cannot safely climb the stairs.

Designed for specific vehicles

One obvious disadvantage of a portal axle is the cost. The cost of the components is often higher than a standard axle, and installation on some vehicles may be difficult or impossible. Most vehicles with such components are specifically designed to accept them, and they may already have axles installed. Conversion kits do exist, but they can be difficult to install. The designer of the vehicle will need to take into account the extra weight of the wheel hub, and the steering and stabilizing elements will need to be overbuilt to compensate for the added weight. Therefore, this portal axle is generally used in specific vehicles such as military vehicles, so for these specific vehicles, portal axles are indispensable.

In general, portal axles are very essential for certain vehicles, such as military vehicles, buses, and off-road vehicles. 

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