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Some Essential Tools for Off-Roading

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Have you ever thought about what to bring along when you’re planning to go on an off-road adventure? These are some accessories we’ll need should we get stuck, break down, or run into any other common problems.


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Do I really need a winch?We believe the answer is a yes.

A winch is a life-saver and should be equipped as early as possible, along with a reliable recovery kit. We recommend TED Winch which is reliable and reputable. TRE4x4 synthetic rope is a good choice for winches, because it’s more wear-resistant, it’s lighter, doesn’t store as much potential energy under load (preventing snapping), and the synthetic rope doesn’t develop sharp burrs like a steel rope.

Along with the winch, don’t forget to bring some shackles, you can keep at least one connected to the front and back of the truck at all times, for ease of use, less to fiddle with in a recovery situation. TRE soft shackles are an additional option as well.

A winch line dampener will prevent a major incident given a malfunction with the winch (strap or cable snapping).


Recovery Kit

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You should take vehicle recovery seriously. Not just because the items pictured here will save the day, but because the massive forces involved also make it dangerous.  Inspect your recovery kit regularly for wear and damage, as well as choosing quality recovery equipment, TRE recovery kit is a great choice which has been proved by thousands of users in 50 counties in the world.


Recovery Board

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Using a winch or snatch strap involves massive forces: failure could be deadly. The safest bet is to simply drive out of a situation that’s got you stuck—no other vehicle necessary. That's where a TRE recovery board comes in.

The nylon recovery boards also double as shovels: if you can’t place them under your tires and drive out, you can use them to excavate your wheels. Or just use them to dig a fire pit or latrine in your new base camp. And you don’t need to be driving a 4x4 or going off-road to benefit from them. They work just as well in the snow and on the road as they do in mud or soft sand off of it.