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What is called shock absorption?

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A shock absorber is a mechanical or hydraulic device designed to absorb and damp shock impulses. It does this by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy (typically heat) which is then dissipated. Most shock absorbers are a form of dashpot (a damper which resists motion via viscous friction).

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Shock absorber classification:

1. Nitrogen shock absorption:

The Nitrocharger shock absorber series utilizes significant advancements in key components and the latest valve technology to greatly improve ride, comfort and handling on all terrains.

The vehicle-specific valve ensures that the correct valve matches your spring selection, accessories and load requirements, which means that no matter what terrain or intended vehicle usage, there is a Nitrocharger shock absorber to meet Your needs.

Nitrocharger shock absorbers provide the most cohesive, balanced and fine-tuned valve system on the market.

2. Oil shock absorption:

The hydraulic suspension system uses four independent dampers with hydraulic fluid. ... One of the biggest advantages of a hydraulic suspension for your vehicle is that it can produce a firmer ride. Hydraulics are also very responsive and can react quicker than most other suspension systems.