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Something About Differential Air Locker

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The four wheels on the 4X4 need to be able to travel at different speeds and angles in order for your vehicle to make quick turns efficiently.

So all front and rear axles have differentials.

This differential will direct the power to the wheels that are the easiest to turn-according to the needs of different driving situations, provide different power for each wheel.

The differential lock secures this differential in place so that all wheels on the axle move at the same speed as a fully connected axle. This transmits the same power to all wheels, which is necessary when dealing with difficult terrain.

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Use and maintenance recommendations

Differential air locker can help you pass many tricky roads quickly , just like this, as a core accessory, it has many skills in daily use and should be remembered.

- You will need a Differential Breather

A differential breather serves the important purpose on a 4WD vehicle of venting the air pressure in drivetrain assemblies such as the differentials, transmission and transfer case.

And many times the seals and the third member are still submerged below water, leading to the water being drawn into the locking differential to damage your air locker.

After a period of time, this will increase the friction between the gears, increase the wear and tear, and cause certain damage to locking differential and air locker.

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- Lubricating oil

The oil lubricating in the differential air locker will lubricate the ring and pinion gears that transfer power from the driveshaft to the wheel axles. It also keeps all the moving parts in differential air locker healthy.

If this fluid isn't changed in the intervals, then it can get dirty and thick, which could damage the differential lock over time.

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- Switch forward and reverse gears

This tip is only for the E-Locker(Electronic Differential Lock).

Due to the special locking mode and working principle that E-Locker has , sometimes the locker will be in an incompletely locked state.

This is because the E-locker is locked by the electromagnetic ring rotates to a specific position, and push the clutch gear to lock entire E-Locker by magnetic force.

But when you move in the opposite direction after the E-Locker is locked , the electromagnetic ring will be moved from the specific position , the E-locker will be unlocked then.

So you need switch off the E-Locker and switch on it again after you switch forward and reverse gears.

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