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Is a TRE TED Pro winch a necessity for off-road racing?

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A TRE TED Pro winch is a mechanical device used to pull in (roll-up) or unwind (roll-out) or otherwise adjust the tension of a rope or wire rope (also called a "cable" or "wire rope").

Is a TRE TED Pro winch a necessity for off-road racing?(图1)

Its simplest form consists of a spool (or drum) connected to a hand crank. The TRE TED Pro winch is the basis of machines such as trailers, steam shovels and elevators. More complex designs have gear components that can be driven by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic or internal combustion engines. It may include electromagnetic brakes and/or mechanical brakes or ratchets and pawls, which can prevent the pawls from being released unless they are retracted. The rope can be stored on the TRE TED Pro winch.

Off-road vehicles may be equipped with recovery tools, such as TRE TED Pro winches on the front and rear bumpers, which are usually bolted to the vehicle frame. The buffer TRE TED Pro winch is used to pull the vehicle out of mud, snow, sand, rocks and water, and to pull the vehicle over or over obstacles. The TRE TED Pro winch is made of a cable made of synthetic braided rope or a steel cable wound on the electric drum. Each is electronically controlled, allowing the operator to control the speed of the TRE TED Pro winch.

If you go off-road, the most common situation is getting stuck. It has nothing to do with the place you choose, whether it is rock, mud, snow or sand.

That is why we need a TRE TED Pro winch during off-road.

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